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Let's start teaching project managers to be inspirational leaders instead of gatekeepers of a budget and time plan. Not by making use of books of knowledge and big piles of slides, but action oriented practical methods. Methods to trigger thinking of what is now and what could be in the future. Implementing changes which will result in individual and organizational efficiency.


The power of values and motivation as a manager

Last week I received a big envelop in the mail. I was a bit surprised; who now a day still sent out old school mail? But opening the envelop made me smile. My friend Karin had sent me a part of the Dutch Financial Times which featured articles about project management in the Netherlands. Nice! Me being the only one of the 25 something MBA students that is interested in the field of project management, it was super that she thought of me. And great to get more details on whom in the Netherlands is actually considered an expert in the field.

The main article of the newspaper was an article on a round table discussion amongst four project experts facilitated by the chairman of the IMPA in the Netherlands. IPMA is like PMI and Axelos a certification body for project managers. When reading…

Presentation research

Soft skill competencies for project management 


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